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After much research and live trials of several hosting companies we selected ukfast.net as our main host provider where we have located our own dedicated servers.

Few clients realise that there are actually marked differences between hosts - until their site crashes or goes very slowly, or even worse disappears altogether as yet another host bites the dust. The reason is bandwidth and server reliability - we have found Ukfast graphite rack systems consistently outperforms other hosts costing over twice as much. In fact we can honesly say that we have not had one single second of downtime since we have installed our dedicated server at UKfast's center.

Having a dedicated server means are able to pass on these the benefits, performance and reliability to you and a very competitive rate - we can also set up domains and hosting in a matter of minutes 24 hours a day.

Special low cost WOW student package - Click here to find out more - you will not be disappointed and we can give that extra help to see you through getting your first site up and running.

We are able to provide bespoke packages tailored to your specific needs inluding secure servers and secure certificates for ecommerce sites.

For the technically minded below are just a few of the features of the hosting we offer

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